2016 Singles & Couples Seminar

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

   The purpose of this seminar is to examine different aspects of relationships and how these stages of life should be rooted in Christ, that is, singlehood in Christ, the process of courtship, and the institution of marriage. Our aim is to understand what is means to be single in Christ, secondly, seeking to prepare those who are desiring to take the next step in marriage by providing spiritual guidance to the true meaning of courting, and last, striving to help both singles and couples understand the fruits of marriage from a Christian perspective.

   This seminar will be interactive and engaging for all and will also present Christian singles and couples speaking on real-lived experiences. This seminar will also focus on learning how to have all your needs met in Christ, knowing how to receive and give unconditional love, and maintaining a love relationship that lasts a lifetime.

   This year theme is taking from Proverbs 18:22. By the end of this seminar singles and couples will gain confidence by accepting their singleness in Christ, successfully learning the art of courtship with the intention to marry, and also be equipped with the tools to maintain a happy married life and a happy home.

   This seminar is an Adult-Only (19+) event with a 4-course dinner meal, Ultra-formal dress code in effect, and dancing to end the night. The tickets are $30 per person. 

See you there!